I met David and Marissa through One Tail at a Time, a rescue organization we all three work with. I was so happy for the two of them when they became engaged and happier still when they asked me to be their photographer! We got together a few weeks ago to run wild through the streets taking engagement photos.
Eventually the two slowed down and we began our portrait session. We started off by visiting some of my favorite spots.
David was such a gentleman, giving Marissa an assist in climbing down from this ledge. This is how a marriage is supposed work!
We were having fun around town, but it was time to meet up with someone very important to David and Marissa…
…their pup Addison! Look at this sweetheart. She put up with us for few minutes, but was quickly ready to go back to her nap.
While Addison napped, the three of us went out for coffee. David and Marissa are java fanatics. They LOVE coffee and are always on a mission to find the best coffee shops wherever they go.
Marissa got these mugs from Etsy… I love it! Here’s to the many shared cups of coffee ahead of you, Marissa and David!