Dawn and Ben were nice enough to let Jarrod tag along for his first shoot with me. I am so glad they let him come to the shoot because it was a blast!

They were awesome! They had a great place in Logan Square where we started and ended our shoot. They welcomed us in their home to start with.

We stepped outside for some gardening.
They had some beautiful landscape going on. I guess they should considering that is what Ben does for a living!
We had to use the garden hose!
Dawn got out the hula hoop for a cute shot!
Her dad was all smiles watching her being silly.
And then things got even sillier!
We headed down the street for some raspberry pickin’.
Dawn and Ben weren’t the only ones tasting the berries. Me and Jarrod were loving them too!
And then some edible flowers.
They got their bikes out for a few shots. I love this one.
Dawn shows off her mad biking skillz. Yes, with a “z”.
If you look close enough you can spot a rainbow. =)
The light rain made for some awesome shots!
This is the spot where Ben was just approved to start a beautiful landscaped trail near their house. Can’t wait to come back and shoot here on their wedding day!
I may have to start doing all of my shoots in Logan Square!
The birds were getting out of the storm. And fast!
But we danced in it!
And then they ran to the next spot.
A few quick shots.
Ben wanted to shoot near this graffiti. I never say no to graffiti. =)
A random swing right in the heart of Logan Square.
We finished our session playing in their front yard. Yes, they have a yard. Anyone else jealous?
I am a little obsessed with this shot. I think Dawn looks gorgeous!
Seriously, unforgettable. Can’t wait to see you both again.