I traveled to Debbie and Rich’s house in Joliet last week to photograph their engagement session.
This wonderful couple have huge hearts… they’ve rescued over a dozen dogs.
Unfortunately, this pig was not rescued.
Hello, there! This little guy was one of the first to greet me.
Look at this pup in his baseball t-shirt. Just begging for a belly rub.
And here’s some more of the gang, enjoying their morning play session. My friend Leah came with me to help on the shoot. We were both loving the dogs. It was so much fun!
Here’s Rich, joining the gang in a good howl.
And Debbie joins in on the fun.
I was in my full glory. It was hard to not set the camera down and join the pack.
Debbie, Rich and I took some of the more adventurous pups and headed out into the field behind their house.
It’s always fun to roam and explore.
They decided to have images of their adopted clan on the tables at the wedding. Each pup got their own mini-photoshoot!
Look at those ears fly!
Have you ever seen a more happy and content expression?
He is giving us some handsome face.
This pup stole my heart. He’s blind and deaf. Debbie found him on the side of the road. They are currently nursing him back to health and he was in good spirits!
These dogs have it made! =)
The family’s leash arsenal.
We let the dogs play for awhile and snuck off for some pictures.
Love this barn.
We ended up at their wedding site and got another family photo!
…he suddenly turned shy.
They were ready to get back home…
…but not before a quick close-up!
We headed back to the car with wet feet.
It was so much fun hanging out with fellow dog lovers and meeting your extended family, Debbie and Rich.