Who’s that hiding under the umbrella?
No need to be shy, Elizabeth!
It’s always a pleasure to meet up with Elizabeth and her mom for our quarterly photo shoots.
Every time I see her (we first met at her baptism) I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing.
As she ran ahead down the path ahead of her mother and I, couldn’t help but think of when she was wasn’t even walking yet!
There’s no slowing her down now!
Last July, we went to the beach for her photo shoot. We decided to go again this year, and Elizabeth showed me the new sunglasses she brought for the occasion.
She was excited to go to the lake…
…so much so that she did a happy dance!
Mom helped her into her beach gear, and we walked the path to the shoreline.
Elizabeth didn’t waste a second before beginning the splashing.
Mom brought along some of her favorite toys, too.
Elizabeth is one happy two (soon to be three!) year old.
The beach is always a lot of fun!
It was great to see you again, Elizabeth! I hope your summer keeps getting more and more fun!