It was time to see my ol’ buddy Elizabeth again, and she knew the most perfect way to begin the shoot: over breakfast!
Mmmm… bacon. This little girl knows just how to get to my heart.
After eating, we headed over to the salon, where Elizabeth had her nails done.
It was a first for her, and she loved it!
With her hair and nails perfect, we set out with Elizabeth’s mom and dad for some family pictures.
I know I say this every time, but I can’t believe how quickly Elizabeth is growing up. And yet, I remain the same age.
The sugar from her breakfast was kicking in, so we decide to burn off some energy by playing in the park.
Elizabeth was especially fond of the park’s play house.
But she was happy to run through the tube, too!
Elizabeth tried her hand at playing xylophone. I think she’s a natural!
Dad helped out by showing Elizabeth how to work the water pump.
Yeah! Only big kids allowed!
Elizabeth wasted no time, jumping right on to the cargo nets.
Whew! What a workout! I was worn out, but Elizabeth offered me some of her cotton candy before I left. What a lifesaver!
It was great seeing you and your parents again, Elizabeth! I’ll see you again soon!