It’s my ole’ buddy Elizabeth! She and I get together every couple of months for a photo shoot, and recently, Elizabeth, her parents and I met up for a colorful session in the West Loop! I think Elizabeth enjoyed posing around the bright colors seen below. I definitely had fun photographing her!
Next up was one of my favorite murals.
Elizabeth smiled dutifully, but then was off to the next spot.
This Panda Bear was way more cuddly and cute than those birds.
Look! Elizabeth is taller than the Sears Tower!
Not far away was the auto shop that a very dear friend of the family owns and operates. Elizabeth loves stopping by to see her friend (and explore the garage).
These tires would be a perfect hiding spot for Hide ‘N Seek.
There were lots of giggles as Elizabeth drove the golf cart…
…and trying on the protective work gear is always a fun way to make-believe.
She even tried her hand at being office manager.
Whatever you try, I’m sure you’ll be a success, Elizabeth! I can’t wait to hear about your career exploration when I see you next!