It’s Elizabeth! I love my quarterly visit with Elizabeth and her parents. This time, we shot at Elizabeth’s school, but before we got down to business, Elizabeth had a special gift for me. She knows me so well!!!
Hickory Point is Elizabeth’s school, and she loves it there.
She feels that her school has excellent classes, professional teachers, great opportunities, but the building’s most admirable quality is, of course, the playground.
Check it out! Lots of equipment and room to run around… what kid wouldn’t love this?
Ugh. I would pass out if I ever hung out like that!
Elizabeth put on her favorite Cubs jersey before climbing into the swing.
She was going super fast, rocking back and forth, kicking her legs to get some height…
…and then she showed me a trick!
To be so young and limber again!!
It’s always wonderful to see you and your parents, Elizabeth! I’m already looking forward to our next visit!