It was little Elizabeth’s baptism day! Her mom and dad asked me to come along and document the event.
Here’s Elizabeth, getting ready for her big morning!
I caught her dad by surprise!
Her wardrobe for the big day…
Getting dressed is fun!
She was loving it!
Some help from the family.
Everyone else was getting ready in the living room.
With everyone dressed up and ready to go, we headed out the door and to the church.
Elizabeth’s mom checks on her from the front seat.
Elizabeth’s godfather entertains her in the back seat.
And we arrive!
This dry Chicago winter weather can really mess up a girl’s hair!
Elizabeth’s friends and family began to gather in the sanctuary.
Elizabeth greets one of her guests.
The whole family was there and ready to go.
Elizabeth was bubbling over with excitement.
A quick blessing from her godparents.
The priest begins the baptism ceremony.
She was hamming it up all day.
She was so calm. Most of the babies were crying at this point!
Her mother wanted that candle nowhere near Elizabeth! =)
And that’s a wrap.
What a morning! Elizabeth was getting hungry and there was no way around it…
Her parents bundled her up and headed home.
It was an honor spending this special morning with you and your family, Elizabeth. I hope to see you again very soon!