Who’s behind that door?
It’s Ella and Henry!
Ella was all dolled up with her prettiest hair band…
…and Henry looked so handsome in his suit. Their mom and dad did a great job making sure the two children looked adorable… not that they needed much help.
Speaking of Mom and Dad, here they are, hitting the floor with Henry and Ella for some playtime.
Dads always make the best jungle gyms for climbing.
Climbing time was over for Henry. He knew what was up!
Ella was ready to call it quits too.
It was snack time! Mom and Dad were ready to give Henry and Ella their first taste of lemon!
If you can’t tell by my latest blog posts, I am a big lemon pusher. Mostly for reactions like this!
Ella thought the lemon looked pretty…
…but the taste was a different matter.
Mom dished out some rice puffs so they could get the taste out of their mouths. And just like my dogs, Henry and Ella’s pup knows the best time to make an entrance is when the food comes out.
A nap is the best way to follow-up snack time, so the whole family got ready to catch some zzzzz’s.
How adorable is this?
A kid’s best friend.
I don’t think there was going to be much napping, after all!
I had a great time with you and your family, Henry and Ella! I hope to see you all again very soon!