I photographed Kelsea and Ryan’s wedding two years ago, and was thrilled when they called to tell me about their newborn daughter, Eloise.
Eloise was just a few weeks old, and I dropped by their place in Logan Square to take a few pictures.
Eloise was finishing up her lunch when I arrived.
Her belly full, we headed outside for pictures.
So tiny!
We even hit up the park for a bit. Eloise just went the flow for awhile, but all this activity made her hungry.
Mom was happy to help out.
That’s a busy afternoon for a newborn, and it was time for a nap. We headed back to their home and Eloise got ready to snuggle into the crib that was once her mother’s.
It was great to meet you Eloise! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ve grown the next time I see you!