I LOVE October weddings. The weather has been pretty good all around this wedding season. Of course, the winter is coming soon! Ugh. The entire wedding party was really excited about the photos and that makes it so much fun. The wedding was in Chicago on the far Northwest side and the reception was at the awesome-ness that is Prairie Productions! Enjoy.

The dress was ready to go when I got there!

Her neighbor came over to wish her well. She was not into the photos!
Emily’s father resurrected the old car that he purchased from Mayor Daley. SO cool. It was a great piece of history. The flowers were resting on the hood for a nice shot.
And we were off…..
The ceremony. Her father giving her away.
Dawn got this AWESOME shot. I love it.
Emily’s grandmother enjoying the vows.
Some post ceremony fun!
Emily’s mother invited everyone back to the house for some post wedding snacks. Here she is wishing us well before we head out for pictures! Thanks for the sandwiches!!
In the back of the COOL car!
Our first stop!
The other limo had the wedding party and we were waiting….and waiting….
And here they come!
But someone had to use the restroom. Too bad the doors were locked!
On our way to the reception
I saw this wall and had to get one more shot. I could shoot the bride and groom all day!
When we got there they had a surprise entrance for the couple!
The awesome cake!
One reason that I LOVE Prairie Productions!
Brian’s dad gives a pointer to the couple…
Brian and his mother dance.
The wedding party snaps Emily and Brian’s first dance.
The fun begins!
This one cracks me up!
I asked both sets of parents to do this. This is their wedding photo from back in the day. Thanks for doing this for me!
Emily and Brian had a special date at a place in NYC called ‘Salt’. Enough said!!!