Esley and Tom had a small civil ceremony with their family a few months ago. Today, though, was the day for the big traditional wedding and I was with them again to photograph it. I began the day with Esley who had just finished having her makeup done by Nika Vaughan was having her hair styled by Sara Jean Stevens. Looking good, Esley!
The beautiful veil finished the hair styling…
…and the dress was all laid out, ready to be put on.
Esley’s friends and family were gathered to watch her get ready…
…and lend a hand when necessary.
Esley made sure that the bow was in the perfect spot as she checked herself out in the mirror.
Her father stopped by to see how things were going and lit up upon seeing Esley in her dress.
Esley was good to go and ready for her first meeting with Tom!
Tom was waiting by the front step, anticipating his first look at his bride.
Esley walked down the steps and wrapped her arms around the groom.
Esley took a second to read a card that Tom had brought for her…
…and then we were off to take some pre-ceremony photos.
The gulls were in flight as we worked our way through Montrose Harbor.
The sky was cloudless and the city a bit hazy, but I love the way this picture of the Chicago skyline turned out.
A short walk away from the harbor was this bright and sunny mosaic.
There was no way we were going by without stopping for a picture.
Tom was born and raised in the UK. We had to incorporate the flags!
And now he’s an official US citizen! Congratulations, Tom! It’s been a big year for you!
We set up one quick round of portraits…
…and then it was time to jump in the limo and head to the church.
Esley and Tom were married at the beautiful Saint Luke Church in Lakeview. Esley’s grandfather was the architect! It was a perfect choice for their wedding day ceremony.
Esley made her way to the altar where Tom was waiting.
The ceremony began with a reading.
We were restricted to photographing from the church’s balcony and I couldn’t resist taking this picture.
Esley and Tom delivered their vows and exchanged rings…
…and then they were married. Congratulations!
They enjoyed a champagne toast while on their way to the reception…
…which was held at the Ravenswood Event Center. The guests enjoyed cocktails and conversation while I headed out to take photographs of some of the day’s details.
I love the view from the upper floors of the event center.
The tables were all set, ready for a delicious meal that was being prepared by the catering staff at Ravenswood Event Center. And the centerpieces, designed by Beth at Anna Held, were amazing.
As guests took their seats they received shortbread cookies as favors. This is a family recipe and they are delicious!
Everyone found their seat and the newlyweds made their big entrance…
…immediately followed by their first dance as husband and wife.
Esley enjoyed a father/daughter dance with her dad.
And Esley’s dad kicked off the speeches by thanking everyone for spending the day with him and his family.
Next up was a toast by one of Tom’s parents, who offered some words of advice for the couple.
Esley’s maid of honor made everyone laugh during her tribute.
Tom’s best man wrapped up the speeches with a warm and loving message.
Then it was time to party!
Guests had a great time dressing up and piling in the photo booth.
It’s hard to drink with a clown nose!
The guests tore up the dance floor, dancing away to the songs Max from Style Matters was playing.
In an unfortunate turn of events, Esley’s brother was slowly strangled by this tiny hat.
The party goer in the bunny ears had a much happier fate.
What a day! I said good-bye to Esley and Tom, who gave his full endorsement in favor of the party.
Congratulations on your marriage, Esley and Tom! I wish you both all the happiness in the world as you begin your life together as husband and wife.