Evelyn, Sofia and her parents met up with me at Garfield Park Conservatory recently for a family photo shoot. Little Evelyn was a bit tired to begin with…
…but she quickly warmed up to the camera.
Sofia, on the other hand, was very excited to have her picture taken.
Evelyn gets a big hug from her big sister.
Sofia is so friendly… she even waved to the people passing by on the CTA.
Meanwhile, Evelyn was going for a climb.
The girls posed for a few shots on the wall…
…and then sprawled out on the grass to relax.
After a quick breather, Evelyn was back up on her feet and ready for action.
Sofia found some cool looking rocks…
…so she and Evelyn enjoyed an impromptu treasure hunt.
Sofia had a big kiss for mom…
…before the family gathered in for a group portrait.
Finally, mom and dad had some camera time for themselves.
The perfect end to a fun shoot.
It was great to see you and your parents, Evelyn and Sofia! I hope to see you again soon!