Evelyn turned her head to make sure I was keeping up with her and sister Sofia. This duo was leading the way to the park where we were going to take family pictures, and they had WAY more energy than I did!
Evelyn was amazed by everything around her- that’s one of the most fun things about little ones her age. And Sofia was a great big sister, watching out for Evelyn.
The fallen trees were perfect for climbing and posing for photos.
Mom and Dad got in on the action, too, with a couple of family portraits.
One more family picture in front of the big, blue sky…
…and then it was a race to the playground equipment.
The tire swing was my favorite when I was a kid.
Evelyn was a quick study- so determined to figure it out!
Tire swings are a hoot, but you have to respect the good old-fashioned standard swing, too.
Sofia was loving it!
Evelyn was eager to try everything out. A few more months of growing and she’ll have everything on that playground conquered.
Sofia showed off her fancy feet…
… but Evelyn wasn’t too sure about the hanging rings.
After a quick outfit change, Evelyn hopped behind the wheel.
Sofia was so patient while I posed her for the camera. Great job, Sofia!
Mom and Dad, you did a great job, too.
I had a great time with you and your parents, Sofia and Evelyn! I hope to see you again soon!