This is Kerrie. She and her husband David own and operate Forevermore Dance Studio in Chicago. Their students were having their dress rehearsal for their big recital, which was just around the corner, and they asked me to take some photos of the practice.

Here we go…

One student couldn’t resist taking a peek from under the curtain while they waited for the dancing to start.
Everyone was in full costume and ready to show off their moves.
They twirled and pranced and put on a great show.
Some dancers were dancing so hard they lost parts of their costumes.
This dancer earned the holes in her stockings with all of her hard work!
And then everyone started to slow down.
This is Kerry and Dave’s son. Enough photos!
Kerry and Dave’s daughter was beat after all the practicing.
Big hugs for everyone for their hard work! I couldn’t make it to the big recital, but I’m sure it was an awesome show. Thanks to all my Forevermore Dance Studio friends for letting me peek in on their practice!