I was terribly excited to be meeting Freddie for the first time. He’s new to the world, and his Mom and Dad asked me to come over to take some pictures.
And here’s Freddie! He already knows how to pose like a pro!
Freddie is one happy boy. Not to mention handsome… look at those baby blues.
Taking pictures can be exhausting. Freddie took a little snack break, but kept his eyes on the camera.
I photographed his Mom & Dad’s wedding a few years ago. I love it when my wedding couples check in with me!
This was a treat: Freddie rolled over by himself for the first time while I was there. Way to go, Freddie!
Freddie was pretty happy about his accomplishment, too.
Look at that face. What a cutie.
Gotta keep those piggies warm, too!
Uh-oh! Freddie’s earlier snack made a return visit! No worries, Freddie. Happens to the best of us.
It was great to meet you Freddie! Welcome to the world… I look forward to seeing you again!