I couldn’t have been more excited when Gary and Scott’s wedding day finally arrived. My anticipation had been building in the weeks leading up to the party, as I heard about all the details the couple had planned for the celebration…and I’m even more excited to share the photos from their day with you now!

The day began at Gary and Scott’s condo, where the two were getting ready. Their home was filled with art and scores of gorgeous little things, and Braxton and I were having a field day as we began taking pictures.

Especially exciting were Gary and Scott’s wedding clothes- full suits designed by Thom Browne! I asked to take some pictures of the garments before the couple put them on, and they agreed, waiting patiently in the front room. Soon enough, they began suiting up and making sure everything looked perfect.
They couldn’t have looked more handsome… or more ready to pose for some pictures! We began the pre-ceremony shoot right there and then, as I posed the two of them in front of the artwork in their home.
It was time to get moving! But first, Gary and Scott had to add a very important touch to their sweet ride. We packed everything into the car and then hit the road. Time to get married!
Gary and Scott were the first couple to have their wedding at the brand new venue Morgan Manufacturing. This next collection of photos was taken on the grounds surrounding the venue, which was still having the final touches completed. Gary and Scott embraced the industrial-construction vibe of it all, and we had a blast taking this next round of photos:
The time had finally come for these two to check out the interior of the space. All the months of work and preparation paid off- everything looked fantastic. To say the two were overwhelmed would be an understatement. They are especially appreciative of the Morgan Manufacturing team and event coordinator Linda Alpert, all of whom did an amazing job overseeing the party.
After taking a look around the space, Gary and Scott left to greet guests as they arrived and I began documenting all the details of the day. This was the entrance to the venue. Located under the Metra tracks, they set up a special rigging from which they hung chandeliers.
Their cake topper was in place and ready to go…
…and the ceremony site was just waiting for the arrival of guests.
There were beautiful details everywhere, like these floral arrangements designed by Billy at HMR Designs.
My favorite element were the three custom buffet stations, from which guests were served food prepared by J & L Catering.
And then there was the dance floor! I couldn’t wait to see how it looked while guests partied!
I headed out front as the guests started to arrive. Scott and Gary had arranged for a couple of special greeters to be on hand to mingle with guests as they entered the building. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were served for everyone to enjoy while they visited.
On the far left of this group is Sara, who oversees the events at Morgan Manufacturing. It’s always a pleasure to work with her, and we both loved getting to hang out with these two ladies!
Soon enough, the ceremony was underway, and it opened with Gary’s parents giving a few words of love and support.
Then the grooms took to the stage as the Justice of the Peace entered and continued the proceedings. It was a beautiful ceremony, packed with lots of love and meaning. Enjoy this collection of images from Scott and Gary’s wedding ceremony:
Vows were delivered, rings exchanged, and then Scott and Gary began their marriage with a kiss. Congratulations!
Guests helped themselves to food and drinks immediately following the ceremony as the reception began. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the venue space. The lighting and decor were so colorful and creative… every picture I took was bursting with energy!
The dance party kicked off with a hora, with the newlyweds holding on for dear life as they were hoisted in to the air. I love receptions that feature a hora, and this was one of the most fun dances of the season. Check out the expressions on Scott and Gary’s faces!
Gary wrapped up the hora by showing off some of his best moves…
…and then everyone hit the dance floor! DJ Kiss kept the dance tracks coming all night, and the guests were feeling the groove for sure!
The dance party was raging, but the husbands found a moment to sneak away and visit their photo booth… or silhouette booth, rather! This was such an awesome idea… and I was happy to have caught Gary and Scott posing for their picture as I left.
There’s only one phrase to use when talking about Scott and Gary’s wedding, and it’s best expressed through this art piece that was in their home:
I had an unbelievable time working with you, Gary and Scott! Thank-you so much for sharing your day with me!