Meet George! I visited George and his family at their home recently for a photo shoot. I was on George’s turf and he made sure I was well-aware of the house rules.
With the expectations in place, we got down to business. George was showing me one of his favorite toys…
…when his good buddy Conrad came by to check out the situation.
Conrad is a loyal companion to young George.
Conrad’s got his eyes peeled for his human brother!
And what an adorable pair they make, too.
Conrad took off to patrol the house…
…and George made himself a little more comfortable.
Look at this handsome guy!
And he’s all smiles, too.
George’s sense of style is developing nicely. He looks great in his knit cap.
He’s not quite sure what this part is for, though.
That’s a wrap! Time for George to catch a few winks.
I said farewell to George and headed for the front door. Conrad, always the perfect gentleman, made sure I found my way out.
I had a great time hanging out with you and your buddy Conrad, George! I hope to see you both again very soon!