Say ‘hello’ to Greyson! He just celebrated his first birthday.
He and his family decided to commemorate his turning one with a family photo shoot.
They were all decked out in their best fall clothes and biggest smiles, ready for the camera.
Look at this handsome guy!
One of his favorite things to do is explore the playground…
…so much to explore and discover there!
And the swings aren’t too bad, either.
After the playground, we went back to Greyson’s house for a special treat.
He was a little curious what mom and dad had planned…
…a cake! Greyson wasn’t quite sure what it was, so dad gave him a hand, showing Greyson what to do.
He was not a cake fan! No worries, Greyson… I’m sure you’ll grow to appreciate it.
Happy 1st Birthday, Greyson! I look forward to hanging out with you and your family more in the years to come!