Haley & Justin’s wedding was split into two events- the first day was an intimate gathering of friends and family at which they exchanged their vows, and the second was a larger bash at the Adler Planetarium. I was with them for both events, which I’m happy to show you now!

Everything started with Haley, seen here, having her hair and makeup done by Sonia Roselli. Her mother and a good friend were on hand, too, helping out with preparations.

Groom Justin was in the same hotel suite as Haley as he prepared. They both showed great restraint, resisting the temptation to sneak peeks at each other while they were getting ready. On Justin’s side of the suite, after he was dressed and ready to go, the groom opened the gift Haley gave him- a beautiful watch!
Haley’s mom helped with the final touches- Haley’s necklace and earrings.
Justin was hanging out behind this curtain- those last few moments were the most difficult to wait through!
But soon enough, Justin was having his first look at his bride.
Haley and Justin were beyond happy that their big day was finally here- there were lots of hugs, smiles and happy tears!
After the first look, we set out to take some pictures in Lincoln Park before the ceremony. We had plenty of time to walk around the park grounds, enjoying all the scenic backdrops and fall colors. Enjoy this collection from Haley and Justin’s pre-ceremony shoot!:
Our last stop was on the lakeshore, where Haley and Justin posed in front of the Chicago skyline, then we jumped into the car and headed back to the Blackstone Hotel for the ceremony.
Haley was escorted into the ceremony by her father. As I mentioned earlier, the ceremony was an intimate affair, with only close friends and family in attendance. It was beautiful ceremony at that, with Haley and Justin lighting a unity candle and exchanging rings and vows. You can see for yourself in these pictures from Haley and Justin’s ceremony:
Haley and Justin ended the ceremony (and began their marriage) with a kiss. Congratulations!
Their guests were invited to a dinner at Mercat following the reception. The group enjoyed a fantastic dinner to celebrate Haley and Justin’s marriage.
The second event was Haley and Justin’s big reception, which was held a few weeks after their ceremony. The two were all decked out again- I loved Haley’s dress! It was perfect for the glamourous, black-tie party they held at the Adler Planetarium.
Melissa from Clementine Custom Events helped Haley and Justin in planning the reception, which featured amazing design from the artists at Kehoe Designs. Everything was perfect and ready for entertaining guests.
There was so much thought put into the details, and pictures of some of my favorites follow:
When the party was in full swing, Haley’s father took the microphone to give his congratulations and thank everyone for sharing the day with his family.
Three cheers for Haley and Justin!
The party was in full swing, but I couldn’t resist taking the couple outside for one last round of pictures. It was the perfect way to end the evening.
Congratulations on your marriage, Haley and Justin! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!