Hannah and Brady live on the Lower East Side in NYC. I ended up getting a hotel room right around the corner from them. It was a lot of fun doing my first NYC engagement shoot with them and I am really happy with what we ended up with!

We seriously JUST started shooting and they ran into a group of friends.

And then we were off…
Trying to hail a cab to another location…
And we finally got to our destination.
And then we walked over the Chinatown.
This is hilarious. This guy was telling Hannah that she was too big to ride. Oh well, we kept shooting!
A random couch on the side of the road.
Their train stop!
They ran upstairs to do a quick change and we got a shot on their steps.
The building was insane! They told me that they had a haunted house in this building last year.
Some really cool light…
I had to shoot here…
And then they got me drunk at Shiller’s Liquor Bar. Very cool place!
I love the ‘Please Respect Our Neighbors’.
And the street they live on…
How could I resist?
And they ended up going to have a nice dinner after the shoot. But first, Brady buys some flowers for his bride to be.
Hannah, thanks for all of the great recommendations for the rest of my trip! You guys were awesome!!!