I photographed Stacey and Quinten’s wedding back in 2009, and was thrilled to hear that they have a daughter that they wanted me to photograph. Her name is Harlow, and she’s adorable!
I met up with Harlow in her family in Portage Park, and that’s where we took all these photos.
Here’s little Harlow posing with her parents. What a beautiful smile!
Some giggles while dad gives her a toss into the air.
Whew! That can really take it out of you!
Harlow had a quick outfit change and then scampered toward the playground.
She was in heaven exploring all the play equipment.
A friendly wave before taking a ride on the swing.
After all this playing, it was time for a snack. Harlow’s parents made sure she was nice and comfy…
…and then gave her a delicious treat to try.
I think Harlow’s found a new favorite snack!
It was great to meet you Harlow, and to see your parents again! Have a fun summer… check back in with me again soon!