Harrison just turned one! He knows it too! Look at that finger.
Here he is with mom…
…who treated her son to a piggyback ride.
And dad was there, too, helping Harrison show off his new summer hat. Just ignore the missing shoe!
Dad’s really good at playing peek-a-boo, even during a piggyback.
Harrison’s mom helped him take off some clothes and get comfortable in the cool grass.
Harrison couldn’t help but explore.
First he checked out a flower…
…and then some bubbles his parents blew.
Mom got the smash cake ready.
Harrison used his finger to show us how old he was one more time…
…and then dived right into the cake.
Mmmmmm… good stuff.
A guy could get used to this birthday stuff.
Harrison knows how to work a smash cake for sure.
I get that look on my face after a sugar party, too.
Harrison’s parents had a great idea… let’s wash all that icing off at the beach! Harrison took to the water right away.
Harrison loved his time in the sand… I think we’ve got a beach bum on our hands!
What a birthday… bubbles, cake and beach. Does life get any better?
Happy Birthday, Harrison!