Wandawega! Not only is it fun to say, but it’s a fun place to play! I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph Heather and Chris’s wedding. They had Wandawega booked out for their big day, and the place was already crawling with guests enjoying the camp when I got there.
I came across this group of girls hard at work prepping all the flowers for the day when I arrived.
I followed the maid of honor as she got Heather out of the cabin to start her hair and makeup.
The maid of honor did a great job of making sure Chris didn’t see Heather. Heather did a good job of making sure she didn’t see Chris by covering her eyes.
While I was with Heather and her girls photographing them getting ready, Braxton was out and about exploring the campgrounds.
He found these two guys hanging out on the dock and fishing.
Heather’s cabin was buzzing as make-up and hair were being done. Julia Hamilton, who does a lot of work with Heather’s business Vavoom Pinups, did the make-up for the day.
Meow, indeed!
Heather’s mom begins the make-up process.
What a good sport!
Heather’s maid of honor gave her a special necklace as a wedding present.
Heather and Chris own and operate two photography businesses here in the city. Heather’s maid of honor is a frequent model for one of them, Vavoom Pinups.
Here’s Heather posing with a friend who helped her design some of the details for the wedding. Take a second and check out her website here.
Back in the men’s cabin, Chris and his son were getting suited up.
His best man was ready to go, and was biding his time by appreciating the wildlife on display in the cabin.
Bring forth the dress!!!
Heather’s mom and friends watched as she put on her wedding dress.
A few quick touch-ups…
… and she was good to go!
Heather’s dad is a reverend, and he was the one who presided over the ceremony. Here he is telling everyone that it’s time to get moving.
A friend of the couple played guitar as guests found their way to their seats.
It had started to downpour a few minutes before the ceremony. Here’s Heather’s mom, ducking under an umbrella as she’s escorted to her seat.
Chris and his groomsmen were all smiles as they watched Heather approach.
Her father walked her down the aisle…
…and she joined Chris under his umbrella.
There were waterworks under the umbrella, too!
She had a little help from her dad…
and Chris!
The rain kept coming, but spirits weren’t dampened.
Heather and Chris exchanged their vows and their rings.
And then sealed the deal with a kiss. Congratulations!
Right after the ceremony they did a shot together to seal the deal!
Their mothers joined them for some family photos.
His son stepped in for a few too.
The whole family was hanging out and getting ready for the party. Heather’s sister-in-law and nephew were ready to boogie down!
Chris and his grandma pose for a picture together before the wedding party set out for photos.
We started out in the cabin where there were a lot of great props for photos.
That cabin is basically the rec room of my dreams.
After photographing the wedding party in the cabin, I set out to take some pictures of the awesome details of the day.
I love this picture of Heather’s wedding dress that I took before she put it on.
Heather’s shoes.
Here’s the altar, all set up and ready to go.
And they did an amazing job with the flowers.
There were decorations and details everywhere.
And then there was the camp itself…
This is the treehouse where Heather and Chris spent their wedding night! How cool is that!?!?
We ventured up to the campground, too.
Wandawega has to be one of the best campgrounds I’ve ever seen. Below is a group of tents that some of the guests were staying in. I can’t wait to go camping there myself sometime.
Here’s the camera case they set out for collecting cards.
This is the cabin that the owner of Wandawega lives in. I think their pup wants to come out and enjoy the festivities, too!
Just in case you need to practice your knot-tying…
Check out their seating assignment chart:
Each guest had to match the animal on their card…
…to the animal on the table.
The guests found their seats under the tent as the sun set and the reception began.
The best man got things started with a toast to the newlyweds.
Heather’s mom grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for coming out to spend the day with the family.
Then Heather’s maid of honor sang their first dance song.
A big finish for their first dance.
Chris had a surprise for Heather…
…he sang her a song!
He got big points for that.
Then it was time to party down. The couple arranged for a photo booth to be there so guests could take pictures of themselves.
This crowd was a lot of fun to work with.
Everyone was eager to pose for my camera!
And everyone was enjoying the drinks and appetizers, provided by Best Events Catering.
The Hoyle Brothers were the band for the evening, and they played all the hits.
This partygoer knew just how to capture my heart.
To be fair, I stuck my tongue out first.
I think she may have seen his big dance routine one too many times already.
So dainty.
Beef jerky may have not been on the menu but that didn’t stop Chris’ son.
The last photo of the day was the ring shot. I placed them on the program for the ceremony. The stamp you see was designed by Heather and Chris, and was printed in lots of different places throughout the day.
Congratulations on your marriage, Heather and Chris! I loved spending the day with you and checking out camp Wandawega. I can’t wait to go back there sometime soon.