I made tracks to The Bunny Hutch in Lincolnwood to meet up with Chris and Heather. They were having their engagement pictures taken and wanted to start the day off at one of their favorite haunts.
Here are Heather and Chris. They were at the Bunny Hutch and ready to get the fun started!
First thing was a round of miniature golf. We carefully selected our clubs…
…and teed up at the first hole. Chris, who’s a fan of golf- both miniature and regular- helped Heather get started.
And then Heather gave Chris a few… um… pointers.
Chris and Heather came to the Bunny Hutch a lot when they first started dating.
Heather said that one of the qualities in the Bunny Hutch that appealed to them both was the feeling of nostalgia and history- the place hasn’t changed since it was built!
Aw, she loves him!
I like Heather’s method of scoring. Chris is a good sport.
He’s also a competitive guy, so he jumped at the chance to redeem himself.
Her hero.
Heather and Chris are photographers, too.
And they have an appreciation of all things vintage as well. This is exemplified by one of their businesses, Vavoom Pinups, where ladies (and I’m sure something could be worked out for guys) get the full styling treatment to create their own pinup poster look. The results are so cool!
They have a second business as well, Popio Stumpf Photography, that specializes in actor’s headshots. They’re a busy couple!
We waited for our Bunny Hutch memento to develop…
…then headed out to another historical Popio/Stumpf location, The Matchbox.
On their early dates, Chris and Heather would set out together to take pictures.
They stopped into the Matchbox after one of their first sunset sessions on the south side.
They ran into some of Chris’s friends…
…and enjoyed delicious margaritas that were rimmed with powdered sugar.
After our drinks, we took a walk around the neighborhood.
Chris gave Heather a ride for part of the way.
And it was a beautiful evening, too. The setting sun was giving us some great light.
They jumped into place for this shot right as the train sped by.
It was going so fast it ripped open Chris’s shirt. Not really, but it’s a good story.
It was a beautiful night for a walk, so we kept moving around the city.
We found this guy attached to the median.
Time for a cigar break.
Heather took her turn with Chris’s cigar… and hat!
Our last stop of the evening was the train platform. Chris took the last few puffs of his cigar before we headed up.
It was great working with you, Chris and Heather. I think we got some great shots! I’m excited to shoot your wedding later this year. See you soon!