Hollys family is so cute! I loved shooting them getting ready. Amy Vaught at Vaught Events along with Holly, did a great job in making things so easy. Here are some shots of the beautiful bride.
The groom striking a pose!
A train got in the way of us getting to the ceremony. We still made it on time! Hollys limo decided to NOT show up! Oh well…the hotel shuttle saved the day!
The train gave her sisters the chance to annoy Holly with their cell phones!
The church…
Holly is a teacher. Here are some of her students. Something tells me that these guys are the ones that bring the apples! I love the bow tie!!!!!
On our way to take pictures.
The brick that Hollys mother gave them…
I cant decide which of these two that I like more… What do you guys think!?!
A toast before the big party!
I love this shot. The first dance.
Some Irish dancing!
Good food!
I love a pre-formal. Ha!
Patrick asked Holly to marry her at The Rosebud so this seemed appropriate.