I went home for Easter weekend and wanted to post a few shots from my trip…

When I arrived, my sister asked me to photograph her and the girls at her salon in Terre Haute, Indiana. Here they are!

The next day, me and Jarrod hung out at my moms place. They call this place ‘Hell’s Gate’. It is supposed to be part of the Indiana folklore and haunted. Trust me…I have tried to turn my car off inside and honk my horn many times. The gates of Hell never open. Ha!
Jarrod climbing it… It is definitely not scary during the daytime!
I miss this stuff in Indiana….
and this…
Some of the mushrooms that we found while hunting for them in the woods of Indiana!
Some doggy love.
My aunt Brenda…
My cousin Brandon and his fiance Crissy are getting married this summer. Unfortunately, I will be shooting another wedding and cannot attend. I took some photos of them so that they can use them for the ceremony…
And then we headed to my Aunt Janet’s for Easter lunch. Charlotte was about as excited as I was about the food.
Uh oh.
Dad, Joanie and Jarrod.
And then the hunt begins…
The gang.
I took some shots of my sister and her boyfriend, Brent before I headed home.