I went home for Easter a few weeks ago. My family and I celebrate with a huge dinner and easter egg hunt at my Aunt Janet’s place.
Shaylyn gets a big hug from her cousin Brodie.
Kloee is biding time until the hunt starts by posing for the camera.
Lily, the newest addition to the family!
The kids waited in the back yard while grown-ups hid eggs in the front. The excitement was almost too much to bear!
Kadyn had it under control, though.
He stayed busy by finding some new friends.
Janet and Molly give the “O.K.” and the hunt was on!
It had been rainy there that weekend, leaving a flooded yard with lots of puddles to play in. This made me very happy!
Good thing Brodie changed clothes!
Kloee gets in on the action.
Of course Kadyn jumped in, too!
They were having the time of their lives.
Kadyn commits a foul!
“I need a towel!”
A juice box makes it all better.
The kids were filthy! They all had to rinse off in the tub before getting in the car to go home.
Such a mess, but he loved every minute of it.
On a different note, take a look at this! We went mushroom hunting while we were down there. It was a banner year for mushroom hunting- my sister Jennifer and brother-in-law Brent found pounds and pounds of them.