I met up with Ida and her family in their Portage Park neighborhood and we had plenty of reasons to celebrate! She was meeting two of her uncles for the very first time, and ti was the perfect reason to have a family photo shoot. While they were waiting for everyone to arrive, Ida and her folks spend some quality time together in the grass.
This little one was all smiles- and those smiles were contagious!
We headed back home to greet everyone, taking plenty of time along the way to explore some trees and play on the playground equipment.
The park was a fun time, for sure, but even more fun is spending time with family. Here’s Ida making the rounds and greeting family members.
Ida chugged down a bottle before being handed around for hugs and kisses.
Back inside, Ida and her dad tended to the taxidermy while mom got a snack ready…
…an ice cream bar! What a treat!
And this is what happens when you take Ida’s ice cream away. I’d be pretty upset, too, Ida!
Mom and Dad left Ida to mingle with her family while they took a few minutes to themselves on the front porch.
It was great to meet you, Ida! Thanks for inviting me to your family’s party!