It was Izzy’s first birthday, and she invited me over for the party. This was also the end of the year long Izzy shoot.

She is walking and answering the door all on her own!

I can’t believe it’s been a year!
Her first gift was a camera. A photographer in training!
She also got a toy vacuum cleaner. I think receiving one of these is a rite of passage for every kid.
Her mom and dad were there, too.
And they brought balloons and cake! Kim really rocked out that cake. It looks great!
Izzy was so excited!
Danny got in on the action.
Izzy wasn’t afraid to get a little messy with the cake.
So yummy.
Whew! That cake was good. She even got it on her eyelashes!
Gotta wash it down with some juice.
Thanks for inviting me to your party, Izzy. Happy 1st birthday! Hope to see you all very soon.