Hey there, Jack! This happy guy had his best cowboy boots on and was ready to show ’em off for the camera.

I recently met up with Jack and his parents at their home for an afternoon of hanging out and taking pictures. Once everyone was ready, we stepped outside into Jack’s yard and got down to business.

Jack has the best yard… lots of trees, plants and space to run around. He’s got it made!
He’s also got a sweet bike. Mom set it up, gave him a peck on the cheek, and then our boy was off and running. There’s no stopping him!
Jack loves to go for a piggyback ride… even if mom and dad get together for some mushy stuff while doing so.
Jack took off his vest and got comfy for a minute… mom was getting a snack ready for him.
His very first lemon! Jack spent a minute or two checking it out before taking his first taste.
Whoa! What was that!?!?
Sorry about that, Jack! I wrapped things up while mom got Jack’s real snack ready.
Thanks for inviting me over, Jack! I hope you and your parents have a fun-filled summer!