Look at who was the first to be all dressed up and ready for Jackie & Ryan’s wedding day. This friendly face was the first to greet me as I entered Jackie’s apartment to photograph her getting ready.
Their pup managed all the activity in the room well, cuddling up with the bridesmaids as Jackie’s hair and makeup were styled by Korena from Sonia Roselli.
And look at these big, blue eyes! This cutie is Jackie’s niece…
…and this is the baby’s mom and dad, Jackie’s brother and sister in law.
Soon enough, Jackie was ready to get into her gown. A few extra set of hands made for quick work.
Jackie’s sister was all smiles as she watched the preparations.
A few final details to put in to place…
…and this bride was ready to walk the aisle!
Ryan was ready to go, too, as he waited at Union Station- just around the corner from the apartment- for his first look at the bride.
The bride and groom spent a few minutes taking it all in…
…and then we began taking photos around the gorgeous interiors of the station.
A friendly passer-by stopped to offer congratulations between photos.
Ryan gave his bride a quick smooch…
…and then we made our way back outside.
Jackie and Ryan shared a mini-session with their furry pal and then said good-bye.
What a gentleman!
It was a perfect day for traveling around the city, and we were going to make the most of it!
The wedding party joined up with us for their turn in front of the camera.
A kiss wrapped things up on the bridge…
…so next up was the garden at the Art Institute.
Look at these pretty ladies! There was plenty of love to go around.
The Art Institute’s garden is always a scenic treat for photos…
…so we set our next grouping of pictures somewhere a bit more gritty.
Jackie & Ryan, showing some love for the city.
A colorful backdrop for a colorful couple!
After a whirlwind trip taking photos throughout the city, we arrived at Chicago Illuminating Company where the ceremony and reception were held.
Jackie snuck in to get a look at the details, which she and Kelly from Clementine Custom Events had worked hard to plan and prepare.
Soon after, Jackie was being escorted down the aisle by her father.
Her mom was in the front row, beaming with pride.
Ryan’s grandparents were there, too, both smiling as the ceremony began.
Ryan and Jackie delivered their vows…
…and then a friend gave a reading in their honor.
Ryan’s dad listened intently during the ceremony.
With vows and rings exchanged, Jackie and Ryan were declared married.
The newlyweds made their way out of the ceremony area…
…and Jackie was quickly attended to by her bridesmaids before family pictures began.
Jackie couldn’t help beginning portraits with a laugh by photobombing some family shots.
Check out these fancy feet!
With family portraits wrapped up, Jackie, Ryan and I ventured inside to enjoy cocktail hour.
It goes without saying that everyone was enjoying themselves.
After cocktails, Jackie and Ryan made their big entrance.
They were greeted by Ryan’s father…
…and then everyone sat down to enjoy a delicious meal, prepared by Limelight Catering.
Jackie’s dad led off the toasts by thanking everyone for sharing the day with the family.
Ryan’s Best Man gave a speech in honor of the newlyweds.
And then Jackie’s sister and Maid of Honor honored the marriage with their toasts.
The dancing began with parent dances. Jackie and her father warmed up the floor by dancing first.
And then Ryan took a turn with his mother.
Finally, the happy couple shared their first dance as husband and wife.
Then the guests joined in, with Jackie’s mom and stepdad being one of the first couples to hit the floor.
Jackie’s brother and sister weren’t shy about showing off some of their moves.
Max from Style Matters had everyone on their feet!
All the guests were having a great time…
…and no one more so than Jackie and Ryan!
Congratulations on your marriage, Jackie and Ryan! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!