Say hey to Jackie and Ryan!
They’ll be tying the knot next August, and I’ll be there with them to photograph it.
We met up not too long ago for their engagement session, which we began on the city’s west side.
The sun was shining bright that day, and Ryan was a perfect gentleman, going back to the car to fetch Jackie’s sunglasses.
While Ryan was doing that, Jackie had her own miniature photo session.
Ryan was so exhausted from the walk, he needed a piggy-back ride to our next stop!
A quick outfit change, and we were back on the street.
The sun was in the perfect spot for great lighting at this mural.
Our walk was taking us to some of my favorite photo spots.
Ryan, ever the perfect gentleman, helps his fiancee up onto the platform…
…for this picture.
Next up was a visit to Urkel! Ryan and Jackie were quick to show off some of their best dance moves.
We were wrapping up a series of pictures next to the river when we decided to meet up with a very important somebody…
…Jackie and Ryan’s puppy!
Look at that face. Puppy didn’t know what to make of the camera!
Whew! What an afternoon. I think I wore them out!
It was great working with you, Jackie and Ryan, and I can’t wait to see you again at your wedding this August!