Jackson, Brooke and their parents were all dressed up and ready to have their picture taken. It was their annual family portrait, and I was glad to see everyone again (and meet Brooke for the first time)!
We were able to take all these pictures in the family’s gorgeous backyard.
One of Jackson’s favorite hobbies is exploring his turf.
Aren’t these two adorable? What a pair! And it’s amazing to see how much Jackson has grown since last year’s holiday shoot!
I look forward to watching Brooke grow up, too!
That’s a wrap! We knew it was time to call it a day when Jackson had to work hard to keep the smile on his face.
Brooke was already back inside and ready for a nap. I can’t blame her!
It’s always wonderful to see you and your family, Rebecca and Jeff! I hope to see you all again soon!