It was Jacqui and Kevin’s big day! Jacqui could hardly believe that it had finally arrived.
I arrived at The Intercontinental Hotel, where Jacqui was getting ready, just as she was starting to put on her dress.
Her bridesmaids were right there with her, helping her get ready. Everybody was in fine spirits.
One of Jacqui’s friends puts the finishing touches on the bride’s hair and makeup.
A few last minute touches to be sure the dress is perfect before Jacqui climbs into it. Her mother was sewing away!
Meanwhile, at their apartment, Kevin takes the dog for a quick walk.
I love this one.
He was cute but definitely camera shy. He was hiding behind Kevin the entire time.
Jacqui’s dress is all ready to go!
Jacqui’s mom watches as her daughter zips up.
Her friends couldn’t hold back the tears.
All done. And she looks gorgeous!
Kevin’s ready, too, and he jumped in a cab to see his bride for the first time.
He waited for her near the Wrigley Building, just off of Michigan Ave. and the Chicago River.
Here she is!
They share a hug and a few happy moments…
…and then we’re off to take pictures. It was definitely a cold one!
She catches her breath and we head to Union Station.
Kevin strikes a few poses.
They were exceptionally good at modeling for me. So relaxed and easy-going.
We exit the station and head back to the hotel to pick up her mother.
Her mother was waiting on us.
The sun came out as we entered the church.
Jacqui and Kevin’s wedding ceremony was held at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii here in the city.
The priest was the first to enter and proceed to the alter.
Kevin waits excitedly with his groomsmen.
Jacqui’s father watches the ceremony begin after giving her away.
Her grandfather arrived a bit late and the priest let everyone know. Awwwkward.
A friend gives a reading.
And then the priest delivered his message.
Kevin’s father.
Jacqui, Kevin, and their close friends and family all join hands for a group prayer.
I call this one ‘Tying The Knot’. I know, so cheesy.
Jacqui delivers her wedding vows to Kevin.
And Kevin makes his promise to Jacqui, putting the ring on her finger.
And now you are husband and wife. Time to party!
We made a quick stop before heading to Prairie Productions.
Whaddaya starin’ at?
Smoke ’em if you got ’em.
It was a very quick stop. The temperature dropped fast!
Some of the details at their venue.
Jacqui used vintage stamps, like these, to mail out her wedding invitations.
And this is one of the invitations, which were designed by one of her very good friends.
After the dinner, prepared by Bonsoiree, was served, Jacqui’s dad thanked the guests for their support of the couple.
Jacqui teared up during her dad’s speech.
Next up was the maid of honor who gave her best to her friends.
Jacqui’s brother.
The groom was still getting used to his ring. I think this happen at every wedding!
Kevin’s best man took the mike to deliver a toast.
Finally, Kevin steps up and thanks everyone for sharing the day with him and his bride.
His mother.
Then Kevin and Jacqui shared their first dance as a married couple.
Jacqui danced with her dad…
…and Kevin enjoyed a mother/son dance with his mom.
And then everyone got crazy.
The entertainment for the evening was provided by Spencer with Style Matters.
The guests all mingled and enjoyed each other’s company.
And Jacqui was giving out lots of hugs.
As the party wore on, everybody was cutting loose.
Always a good look.
Did someone say “It’s time for a shot?”
It was that kind of night.
Thanks for such a great day, Kevin and Jacqui. You are an incredibly fun couple, and I wish you all the best as you being your life as a married couple!