It was time for Jamie and John to walk the aisle, and I was happy to be with them to document the big day. When I arrived at Jamie’s hotel, Nika Vaughan was working her cosmetic magic and Melanie from Thomas West Salon was finishing up Jamie’s hair.
WIth the hair and make-up complete, it was time to slip into the wedding dress. Here, Jamie receives some assistance from her mother and a friend.
Jamie was showing me her bouquet and later shared the special story of the pin on the handle: “My grandfather passed about a month before the wedding; the day before my 30th birthday. He had a great life and lived to be 98, but one of his last wishes was to be at our wedding, so it was very unfortunate he couldn’t be there. My grandmother, Mimi as we call her, lent me this heart pin as my ‘something borrowed’ in his memory and honor. He had given it to her for Valentine’s Day years ago and she had always kept it and it was one of her favorites. So I decided to wear it on my bouquet so that my grandfather had a front row seat at the wedding.”
Jamie enjoyed a glass of bubbly while the last details were attended to. Time to begin the festivities!
The guys were enjoying some champagne, too, as they kicked off their celebration. Here, they’re enjoying one last round before Jamie arrived at the suite for John’s first look.
John was so excited to see Jamie and even more excited for the first of many wedding-day kisses.
Their parents were on hand as well. Jamie’s mom and dad gave their daughter a hug…
…and John’s dad had a moment with his son…
…then we were off to hit the town for pre-ceremony photos!
Our first stop was Adler Planetarium, with it’s gorgeous view of Chicago’s iconic skyline.
It was still a little chilly out, but the wedding party were troopers as they huddled close between shots.
A little chill couldn’t get this bride down! Jamie was all smiles as we headed to our next location.
Nearby was Chicago’s Art Institute, and we dropped by their garden for a few pictures.
Jamie handled her dress like a pro, making sure to keep it pristine for the ceremony.
Look at how in love these two are. Their smiles were contagious.
A serious pose from the bride…
…and then the wedding party joined us for a group portrait.
Next stop: La Salle Bridge.
Jamie cuts loose with the girls…
…and then back into huddle formation. Gotta share that body heat!
Jamie and John were doing a great job in front of the camera. Naturals!
We had just enough time for a few more pictures…
…and then it was time to get to Room 1520 for the ceremony. Jamie’s dad was already there, ready to walk her down the aisle.
Some other, special guests had already arrived, and Jamie was thrilled to see them:
Her nephew…
…and her niece. You can tell Jamie is a fantastic aunt who loves spending time with the kids. Here, Jamie’s niece tries on the bridal shoes.
Already dreaming of her wedding day…
Soon after, the wedding party took their places and Jamie walked the aisle, escorted by her father.
He gave her away…
…and then took his seat in the front row. What a special moment.
A friend of Jamie and John’s served as officiant. He began the ceremony by welcoming the guests.
Jamie and John had their friends share readings.
The way Studio AG used strings of flowers to decorate the ceremony location was so beautiful. They did great work on the floral design for the day.
Finally, the big moment had arrived. Jamie and John exchanged rings and vows…
…and then they were married.
After the ceremony, the newlyweds snuck off for a few moments together.
Jamie likes the way that ring looks on her finger!
The lighting in the room was perfect, so I spent a few moments taking pictures of the bride.
The wedding party joined us soon after for a toast before making their big entrance into the reception.
One of he reception highlights was Jamie and John’s first dance.
The meal, catered by Paramount Events, was fantastic, and as guests finished, Jamie’s dad thanked the guests for spending the day with the family.
He also had some words of advice for the newlyweds.
Jamie’s mom smiled in agreement.
Jamie and John’s friend, who was also the officiant, had a toast in honor of his friends.
And John’s brother gave a speech to remember.
John’s whole family went in for a group hug following John’s brother’s toast.
Jamie’s maids of honor wiped away a few happy tears as they began their tribute.
It wasn’t all tears, though! They got a few good belly laughs in, too.
Finally, Jamie and John took the microphone to thank the guests for their love and support.
Then Jamie and her father warmed up the dance floor with a father & daughter dance.
John and his mother did their fair share of warming-up, too, with a mother & son dance.
John’s dad was nearby, capturing every moment on his camera.
The guests grabbed another round of drinks and enjoyed each other’s company before hitting the dance floor. I took a the break in the action as a chance to take some detail shots. Loren from Clementine Custom Events helped Jamie and John out with the planning of the day, and she did a terrific job.
A close up of the floral arrangement at the ceremony site.
I was in love with all the floral details around the venue.
This custom poster was on hand for guests to sign.
The elegant seating chart was lit up for easy reference by guests.
And their rings, set against their program for the ceremony.
Jamie was ready to dance!
John was having a great time, too, as he enjoyed the company of his guests.
I think the party-goer on the far left was intimidated by my camera.
These guests were ready to party!
This baby, however, didn’t seem too impressed initially.
The bridesmaids were workin’ it, turning up the heat…
…maybe a little too much.
The guest were merry and everyone was enjoy the party.
And as if the day couldn’t get any better… the guests were all treated to mini-burgers.
What a party! It was a bit too much for some of the guests.
Thank-you for sharing your big day with me, Jamie and John! Congratulations on your marriage!