Before I start, I wanted to mention the vendors that I got to work with on this awesome wedding. It was really cool to work with a bunch of people that I have become friends with in the industry.

Wedding Coordinator: Meghann at Blush and Bashful Events

DJ: Mary at Toast and Jam

Caterer: The Hearty Boys

Florist: Asrai Garden

Venue: The ‘Karen’s’ at The Newberry Library

James and Jill had a VERY memorable day. Wow. I will definitely not forget it…and here is why!

I was immediately attacked by one of the bridesmaids that revealed Jills ‘before’ picture. Nothing like being attacked by a camera as the alarm goes off!

She DEFINITELY recovered. She was doing her best poses for me in front of the window.
The dress was happily sitting in the window….thanks to one of the bridesmaids climbing skills.
Look at Jill…..she looks all happy and warm. Oh, just wait. This all changes soon. Ha.
Um, black boots and white shoes? Come on. Ha! I was attacking her with the camera all day. I am sure she was not impressed!
Dawn got this great picture of James waiting for Jill for their first meeting. If I didnt know any better….I would totally think this was from a gay commitment ceremony. Sorry, James!
And he meets his bride…
Jill got a little emotional. Gotta love that!
I loved those elevator doors!
James is showing off the ‘girl’ boots that he bought. Oh yeah…they have pink on them.
I love this one. It looks like she is so excited to get blasted with snow!
Braxton got this great image when we headed out for pics. This is some definite foreshadowing! This groomsmen was BANANAS drunk later in the evening. It was pretty hilarious.
And….the weather. Ok. This was probably one of the worst ‘weather’ days we have had in a long time and we have had A LOT! The snow was coming down hard, the wind was crazy blowing and the amount of snow on the ground was ridiculous. I was a little worried about shooting in it but I am SO glad that everyone was cool about going outside. LOVE THAT!
And this….one of my favorites of the day. I told you it was windy!!
And then we stopped at Manny’s. If this looks familiar, thats because its the place that Obama likes to hang out at. The food looked AMAZING.
I cant remember what these are but they look delicious. Ha! I was just informed by James’ mother that these are potato latkes. MMM….
This picture sums it all up. I love the ‘Windy City’ in the back.
And then we stopped at their place for some more photos…
and met up with their best friend.
Some shots in front of their home.
Some lower Wacker Drive fun!
I told the bridesmaids to write something on the chalk board that would mean something to them. Interesting…
LOOK….its my sister. Well, my sisters name. I never thought I would meet another Jennifer Lawson.
James, waiting for the ceremony to begin.
His mother gets choked up before it even begins!
And there goes Jills mother too!
The beautiful Newberry Library was the site of the ceremony and reception.
This little girl was all over the place! Hey, it made for a cool shot. =)
I dont know if he is getting weepy or has something in his eye?!
And its not a party without a table collapsing.
A nice speech from Jills sister.
The first dance…
Jill and her mother.
James and his mother.
And the craziness begins!
They had little Jameson bottles on the tables for each and every guest. Reason For That: They rock.