Jamie and Dave had their wedding earlier this fall, and they had an amazing day planned. I couldn’t have been more excited as I pulled up to the Sofitel Chicago– where the bride and groom were both getting ready- to begin our day.
I headed straight to Jamie’s room, where she and her bridesmaids were just finishing up their preparations. Elise from LeesiB had finished everyone’s makeup, and with hair styled, the only thing left to do was put on the dress. Jamie’s attendants pulled the dress out of the closet and helped the bride with putting it on.
Meanwhile, Rob was with Dave and his groomsmen as they got dressed. A few minutes later, the groom was out the door and making his way to the location designated for the couple’s first look. They didn’t have to go very far… there’s a corner of the hotel near the ballroom that serves as a gorgeous place for pictures, and that’s where Jamie and Dave began their wedding day together.
Both of their fathers watched as Jamie and Dave shared their first look. Dave’s father is on the left and Jamie’s dad is on the right….two very proud papas!
After taking time to savor the moment, this couple was excited to hit the streets and take some pre-ceremony portraits. We joined the wedding party in boarding the bus, and made our way to our first stop: Adler Planetarium.
The day was absolutely perfect for taking skyline shots- not a cloud in the sky! Jamie and Dave spent some time taking portraits before being joined by everyone else.
One last picture, then back on the bus! We didn’t have far to go to get to our next location…
The Art Institute. The gardens there are an amazing spot to take wedding pictures- one of my more frequent recommended stops, for sure! Jamie received some help from one of her bridesmaids in perfecting the dress, then we got down to business.
The next stop was just down the street, as we braved traffic to get a photo in with the Board of Trade.
Before we knew it, it was time to the Sofitel where the ceremony and reception were held. The celebration began with the reading and signing of the Ketubah, where Jamie and Dave’s friends and family served as witnesses to their marriage promises.
The deal was sealed with a kiss, and a few moments later, Jamie was walking down the aisle with her parents. The ceremony staging area was gorgeous- very atmospheric with incredible floral design by Richard Remiard. Event planner Amanda Weil played no small part in making sure Jamie and Dave’s ceremony came together perfectly, as well, as you can tell by this collection of images:
And with a kiss at the end of the ceremony, they were married! Congratulations!
Jamie and Dave snuck away for a few moments while their guests enjoyed cocktails…
…but rejoined the party to share their first dance together as husband and wife.
Speeches with Jamie’s mom, who shared some memories and advice with the couple. She was followed in kind by Dave’s mom, the Maid of Honor and Dave’s brother.
Parent dances were up next, with Jamie and her dad shared a father-daughter dance…
…and then Dave and his mom had their turn.
Everyone piled onto the dance floor when it was time for the Hora!
Dave and Jamie both had a huge smiles on their faces as they were lifted up in the air.
Everyone has a great time during the Hora– especially me! They’re always some of my favorite photos from the night.
When the Hora was over, the Gold Coast All Stars kicked the party into high gear, playing the songs that got everyone on the dance floor. Enjoy this collection of images from Jamie and Dave’s dance party!
What a celebration!! The party was still going strong when I left for the evening… I bet this crowd was going strong well in to the night!
Congratulations on your marriage, Jamie and Dave! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!