It was the last day of July, but it was the first day of Jana and Sam’s life together as husband and wife.
Jana was inside the bridal suite at Salvage One taking one last look in the mirror before heading out to meet up with Sam. With hair and makeup styled by Carly at Sonia Roselli, she was perfectly stunning.
Everything was in place and looked great.
So it was time to grab her husband to be.
Sam was waiting for Jana in the courtyard of Salvage One.
They shared some kisses and took in the moment.
But they weren’t alone for long…
…the entire family joined them for a group picture! Look at this crazy group!
Family picture…check. What’s up next?
The ketubah signing! One of Jana and Sam’s good friends became ordained so he could preside over the ketubah and ceremony.
It was a complete surprise for the family and guests… nobody knew ahead of time.
Everyone was excited when they found out.
Things settled down as the ketubah signing began.
After a delivering a few words for the newlyweds, the officiant was the first one to sign.
Check this out… it’s a 3D camera!
With the ketubah signed, it was time for the ceremony.
Sam made his way down the aisle with his parents. As they walked, Sam kept an eye on his friend…
…who was posted up on the fire escape playing guitar during the ceremony.
The flower girls did a great job with their entrance.
And then Jana appeared at the opening to the courtyard.
When she met Sam under the chuppah, Jana completed the tradition of circling the groom.
Our beaming, happy couple took their places as the ceremony began.
Sam took the mic as he recited his wedding vows to Jana.
Jana took the mic when Sam was finished.
A friend gave a blessing for the couple after the vows.
Mozel tov! Sam plants a big kiss on his wife.
And the kissing continued as the newlyweds made their way back inside to greet guests.
Fabian Saldana and his band entertained guests in the courtyard during the cocktail hour.
I think they have a new fan!
Others preferred the cozy interior of Salvage One for relaxing before dinner.
Everyone was settling in nicely with their drinks…
…so I set out to take some detail pictures.
Mana Food Bar provided some sliders for the guests to enjoy in the courtyard.
The rings.
They made their big entrance into the reception.
It was a steamy July day in Chicago! Sam got a little too hot so he hung up his jacket…
…and then hit the dance floor with Jana.
They had a special routine all worked out to show their guests.
After their big dance number, they introduced the second band of the evening…
… the band The Omega Moos was there to play some of the greatest hits of the 80’s.
The band played while the couple danced the Hora.
Sam and Jana have a musical history together.
Here’s Jana’s brother… he’s in the band Disco Biscuits.
Over 11 years ago, Sam and Jana met at a Disco Biscuits show. Sam was a big fan of their music, but became an even bigger fan of Jana.
Jana played hard to get for awhile, but Sam eventually wore her down after some time. They’ve been together for almost three years now.
People settled in for dinner and Sam’s dad led off the speeches with a blessing for his son and daughter-in-law.
That guy on the couch is giving me the stank eye!
Next up was Jana’s father and stepmother, who were overjoyed.
Sam’s mom took the mic to share some special words with the newlyweds.
Last up was the happy couple, who thanked everyone for sharing their special day.
And as a special surprise, Jana performed a song for Sam.
He was speechless.
Jana’s brother helped out by tickling the ivory.
When Jana was done performing, we tried to go to the rooftop of Salvage One for a pic. It was boiling hot in the elevator so we quickly escaped.
Along for the ride was videographer Ben Mahoney of Leap Weddings. He was there to get the video of Sam and Jana’s day.
While we were on the elevator, they set up the sweets table for the evening. The candy monster made a surprise visit too!
Everyone else was on the dance floor.
Easy fellas, she’s a married woman!
Here’s Spencer from Style Matters along with his wife. They were the DJ’s for the evening, but they also knew a lot of the wedding guests as well.
The fans were getting tons of attention that night.
And even though it was hot, the guests didn’t mind. They grabbed more drinks and stayed on the dance floor.
It was such a fun group to work with.
Even when things eased down for a slow dance.
Whew! What a party! These feet can attest to how much dancing was going on!
I’m glad that I was able to spend your wedding day with you, Sam and Jana. You are an amazing and fun couple, and I wish you nothing but happiness for the future!