Jana and Sam are tying the knot later this month!
We met up one afternoon to hit the town and take some engagement photos.
They were good sports- Sam jumped at the opportunity to climb up on this tower.
Isn’t Jana gorgeous? Tell me she doesn’t look like Jennifer Aniston in this picture.
Sam’s a lucky guy!
He even braved being stuck by thorns to get a pretty flower for his lady. This flower was massive!
Time for a stroll through the Wicker Park ‘hood.
That’s about all those parking meter boxes are good for.
Jana gettin’ down.
Up high!
Oh, look! A dog! Whoever could this adorable canine belong to? Let’s get him off his leash.
Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom!
The pup was kind enough to take a few minutes to play hide and seek with us.
Then posed for his own close-up.
Enough pictures! Time to run!
Make a wish…
Well, guys, I think we did it up right.
See you at the end of the month for your big day! Looking forward to having more fun with you both!