Jane and Michael are getting married this August, and I’m excited to be along with them for the ride! We got together a few weeks ago for their engagement session… I was happy to see them and to hear more about how plans for the day were coming along!

The three of us met in Lincoln Park, where we took advantage of the beautiful weather and blooming plants. It was a gorgeous day for a shoot!

This is one of my favorite spots… if you didn’t know any better, you’d think we were miles away from the city.
When our stroll through the park was completed, we headed into the west loop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mural. I may have even tried to reproduce it on my garage door. It didn’t work out so well. My advice is to leave the murals to the pros!
Sadly, they were getting ready to paint over it when we arrived! So glad we were able to squeeze in a few shots.
And when we were done in the West Loop, we headed back toward the lake. I wish all days in Chicago could be like this! I had a great time walking alongside Jane and Michael, learning more about them and enjoying the day.
It was wonderful to see you, Jane and Michael! I’m already looking forward to your August wedding… I’ll see you then!