Jeanette was in her hotel room, getting ready for her walk down the aisle. While she and her bridesmaids buzzed around in preparation, Jeanette’s mom watched on, reflecting on her daughter’s wedding day.
The bride reflected on herself as well, checking out her makeup, which was done by Carol from Nika Vaughan.
The amazing hairpiece was made by Gia Tummillo, who styled Jeanette’s hair.
And check out Jeanette’s shoes from Sergio Rossi. I was in love with them.
The bride was almost ready to go. Her bridesmaids checked over every square inch, making sure everything was perfect.
Wayne and his groomsmen had some business to attend to before they got ready, though. They grabbed Leah, who met up with them at the W Hotel, and headed across the street…
… to the beach! All they guys jumped in the lake for a quick dip.
Refreshing, but now they smelled like Lake Michigan. Time to hit the showers!
Wayne was showered, dressed and smelling pretty in a flash. He and the groomsmen got in cabs, heading toward the church with time to spare.
Jeanette was already at the church, and she was absolutely glowing. This bride was ready to get hitched!
A bridesmaid made one last adjustment to the dress…
And the flowergirl asked for a little perfume. We were ready to go!
Jeanette and Wayne’s videographers were setting up in the church, making the best of their technical knowledge and years of experience.
The boys focused their camera toward the front as Wayne took his place at the altar.
Jeanette’s cousins, talented musicians all, played for the ceremony. Here, they begin playing Jeanette’s entrance music.
Her dad couldn’t have been happier as he escorted his daughter down the aisle.
Wayne’s brother participated in the ceremony by giving a reading.
The couple held hands as the priest delivered his message.
One guest was counting the minutes until the big party…
The ceremony wrapped up with the couple giving their vows to each other, then exchanging rings.
Wayne’s brother was using his phone to Skype the ceremony to their parents, who weren’t able to be in town for the ceremony.
This may be one of my favorite ceremony shots.
With vows made and rings exchanged, the priest gave his blessing of the union.
Husband and wife exited the church to the sound of applause from their family and friends.
Now it’s time to party! The wedding party handed Jeanette and Wayne glasses of champagne as they boarded the trolley.
Wayne’s brother raised a glass as a toast to the newlyweds.
We all headed out to take photos around town before heading to the ceremony. Jeanette knew the way to my heart… she brought balloons for the photoshoot!
Jeanette was ready to work for her wedding photos, as demonstrated by this picture.
Wayne and his groomsmen shared a laugh as I took pictures of the bridesmaids.
Jeanette released the balloons while she and Wayne posed on the railing of the bridge.
One last shot on the bridge…
…and then we were off to Olive Park.
Wayne gives a friendly shout-out to another wedding party that were taking pictures there.
I set up a group shot in front of this scenic backdrop. You can see the W Hotel Lakeshore, where the reception was held, in the background behind the best man.
Jeanette brought out another prop she had for photos. She and I were both big ‘fans’ of the props she brought. Get it? Fans?
We were having a great time shooting photos, but it was time to head back for the reception.
One more quick shot of the happy couple…
…and then back to their room to get ready. This was the view from their room.
Jeanette’s mom was on hand to help Jeanette and Wayne into their traditional wedding kimonos.
Once they were all ready, Jeanette’s mom led the way downstairs…
…and into the cocktail hour.
Jeanette’s grandmother was one of the first to give the groom a big hug.
This guest had a special wedding message for the couple.
I love that smile!
I think this guest was having second thoughts about his polaroid self-portrait.
Wayne’s brother and nephew shared a happy moment together.
And can you believe the view from the W’s ballroom?
There were so many cool details to take photos of, like these old pictures of Jeanette and Wayne that were hung by the entrance. Kelly from Clementine Custom Events did a tremendous job making sure everything was planned and executed perfectly throughout the day.
Speaking of perfect execution, how about this cake? This beauty was baked at Sarah’s Pastries.
When cocktails were done, Jeanette and Wayne slipped out to get back into their wedding gear. The guests found their seats for dinner and the couple made their grand entrance.
While dinner was wrapping up, Jeanette’s sister took the mic to give her toast.
Wayne’s best man was up next with his speech in honor of Jeanette and Wayne.
Wayne’s brother made sure that everything was on video…
…especially the speech made by his brother.
After the toasts, it was time to party!
Momentum Talent Group was the band for the evening, and they made sure everyone was on their feet!
Wayne’s nephew found himself cornered by Jeanette’s mom and Wayne’s brother.
The view of the dancing was best from up high!
Everyone was having a great time.
The dance floor was packed, and the party was raging. I waved good-bye to Jeanette and Wayne from across the dance floor…
…and took one last shot of their rings before heading out. Leah’s been second shooting with me this summer, and she’s the one who drew this for the ring shot. If you like her chalk drawings, you’ll love her photography!
Thanks for sharing your wedding day with me, Jeanette and Wayne. I had a blast! Congratulations on your marriage!