I found myself in Milwaukee a few weeks ago to photograph the wedding of Jeff and Jordan! I’ve only photographed couples in the area a handful of times, but was excited by some of the locations this couple had in mind. For starters, the day began at the Brewhouse Inn & Suites– the historic Pabst brewery that’s now a hotel. It’s where the couple was getting ready for the day, and I was with Jordan and her family as they made preparations.
With hair and makeup complete, and the dress with all accessories donned, the only thing left to do was review the vows. Here, Jordan runs through her marriage promise a few more times before walking out the door.
Meanwhile, Jeff was with his groomsmen, enjoying the first of his wedding day presents- a fine bottle of scotch.
Cheers to the newlyweds!
Jeff and Jordan had their first look next to one of the antique ager tanks on display in the hotel. After taking a few moments to look each other over, we headed out into the streets of Brew City to take some pre-ceremony photos.
Brewhouse Inn & Suites was one of the oldest breweries in the nation when it closed its doors in 1996, but found a second life as one of the city’s swankiest hotels. There’s a lot of history located in this part of town!
Speaking of history, check out Jeff and Jordan’s sweet ride. The driver told us it was used in shooting the movie Driving Miss Daisy.
There were plenty of sites to check out, the first of which was this bridge, not far from the hotel.
Jeff and Jordan both attended- and met at- Milwaukee’s own Marquette University. This next round of photos was taken as we toured some of their old stomping grounds and reminisced about the good old days.
The ceremony start time was drawing near, so we headed over the venue for the big event: the Milwaukee Art Museum. We had just enough time to tour the grounds and exhibits, taking some fun portraits prior to the start of the ceremony, and some of my favorites follow:
Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Jordan was escorted down the aisle by her father, seen here shaking Jeff’s hand. The couple joined each other side by side and the officiant began the ceremony. Friends and family participated in the proceedings by sharing readings, and things wrapped up with vows, rings and a kiss.
Congratulations, Jeff and Jordan…
…time for the party!
The reception area of the Milwaukee Art Museum looked great. Sara from Tailored Engagements helped Jeff and Jordan with all the details, and their hard work showed. Each table had a beautiful floral centerpiece, designed by the team at Urban Sense.
While I was taking photographs of the details, Rob was on the patio with the guests, documenting the cocktail hour. All of the beverages and food were prepared by Lee John’s Catering and everything was delicious!
I saw some old friends, as well! This is Dan and Elizabeth- theirs was one of the first weddings I ever photographed in Chicago. Elizabeth is very good friends with Jordan and even participated in the ceremony by sharing a reading.
Jordan’s brother-in-law and I shared a few giggles as we appreciated some art. It was a very mature and intellectual moment for the both of us.
After dinner, Jordan’s dad led off a round of toasts. Everyone enjoyed some wonderful memories -and more than a few laughs- as loved ones took turns offering love and advice to the newlyweds.
When speeches were finished, Jeff and Jordan took to the dance floor to share their first dance as husband and wife. Immediately after that, each took a turn with their respective parents for- you guessed it- parent dances.
Then DJ Emily from Toast & Jam cranked up the beats and everyone hit the dance floor. There were some wicked moves on display, as you’ll see in this next group of pictures:
…and the party raged into the night!
Thanks for a fantastic day, Jeff and Jordan! Thank-you for sharing it with me!