Travis and Jenn’s wedding day had arrived, and the day’s celebration began at the couple’s new home in Forest Park, where the bride was making preparations. Her mom was there, too, helping Jenn tend to all the details.
Perfect! Jenn looked gorgeous and was ready to meet up with Travis.
They had their first look at this overpass in Oak Park. The locks you see all have messages written on them, and some, I’m sure, were secured in place by couples as madly in love with each other as Jenn and Travis!
After taking a few minutes to admire each other in their wedding day gear, they wrote a message of their own and locked it in place.
A few minutes after the lock was fastened, it began to rain. We took a few quick shots and then headed to The Wire in Berwyn, where they held the ceremony and reception.
Being inside the venue was even better than shooting outside! There were lots of great backdrops around the space, including this wall of records in the green room.
It wasn’t too long before they were on stage and the ceremony underway. Travis and Jenn were honored to have one of their good friends presiding over the wedding.
They exchanged vows, rings and began their marriage with a kiss.
Congratulations to the newlyweds!
Guests cheered and applauded as they made their exit…
…and headed back upstairs to the green room to sign the marriage license.
During the reception, Jenn’s parents picked up the microphone and began speeches by thanking everyone for sharing the day with their family.
Travis’s parents were next with words of love and advice for their kids.
Travis’s brother gave a toast in honor of the newlyweds…
…followed by Jenn’s brother who gave a loving tribute.
With speeches wrapped up, Jenn and Travis shared their first dance as a married couple.
Then Travis shared a special dance with his mom…
…while Jenn did the same with her father.
Guests packed on the floor for the end of that slow dance…
…and then got ready to rock! Cold drinks, live music, a great reason to celebrate… this had the makings of a monumental evening! See for yourself in this collection of images from the dance party:
Whew! What a night! This day was an absolute blast, Jenn and Travis. Thank you for including me… and congratulations on your marriage!