I joined Joan at her place while Nika Vaughan was putting the finishing touches on her make-up. Love her smiling here!
Her mother helped out while I was shooting the details.
This guy took a break from hoarding food for the winter to watch us through the window.
And here’s Robert, dressed and ready to go. He prepared at and was waiting for Joan at The Elysian Hotel. I love this shot that Braxton got.
Fuel was ready to go for anyone who needed an energy burst. Robert left a “Coffee 101” note for Joan.
Make-up… check!
Joan’s mom helps her out with a special bracelet.
Joan looked stunning. She was ready to say “I do!”
We left her home and jumped in the car to go see Robert.
He was waiting for us in the middle of Michigan Avenue.
We crossed the street over to Fourth Presbyterian to take some pictures.
We stopped inside to get warm.
Robert’s best man offered us some heating pads for our hands.
The drummers were drumming their hearts out.
We continued our tour of Michigan Avenue by going to the Art Institute. Here they are, in one of my favorite spots for photos.
The best man and maid of honor, pictured here with their significant others, waited patiently for their turn in front of the camera.
The wedding party…
We passed back by the drummers…
…and shared some holiday cheer.
Everyone was having a good time exploring the downtown area, despite the chilly weather.
Even this guy was exploring the area.
A shot from far, far away.
It got very chilly!
Hot chocolate barely did the trick!
Joan and Robert were married at A New Leaf here in the city. I love shooting there!
Joan grabbed her bouquet and we shot a few photos before the ceremony.
She caught me spying on her right before the ceremony!
It was that time…
I loved that they used these old beakers to hold the candles.
Each guest held a candle during the ceremony.
Robert’s mom and dad turn their head to look as the wedding party enters.
Robert spots his bride.
Here’s Joan and her dad, walking down the aisle.
They meet up at the alter, and the ceremony begins.
Joan’s grandmother listened intently.
The couple began to deliver their vows.
Joan’s brother.
The best man gives a toast to the new couple.
The maid of honor.
The groom decides to give me the bird. =)
Joan thought that was funny.
Then the couple shared their first dance as man and wife.
Whew! Time to relax! Joan kicked off her shoes and was ready to celebrate.
The guests grabbed drinks and food before hitting the dance floor.
Time to get down! Spencer from Style Matters provided the soundtrack to the party.
Big hugs!
This guy won the award for best smile of the evening.
This couple was feelin’ the slow dance.
After the wedding, the newlywed were headed out to this part of the world for their honeymoon. Joan had no clue! She was not to find out until they arrived at the airport the next day!!
It was a day filled with fun and love. Thanks for sharing it with me, Joan and Robert!