Say ‘hello’ to Jonah! I photographed his mom and dad’s wedding a few years ago (feels like yesterday, though!) and was thrilled to be introduced to the newest addition to the family.
I met up with the expressive Jonah and his family at the Evanston Art Center.
He was having a hoot exploring the woods and making faces for the camera.
There was a playground nearby, and we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to give Jonah a few pushes on the swing.
I love this photo- it may just be one of my favorites of a kid ever. That face!
Mom and dad jumped into frame for a spin in the race car.
It was all about Jonah!
Grandma was there, too, and she was more than game when it came to getting in on the fun.
Our playground time wrapped up with a few glides on the slide…
…and then we hit the beach! Jonah was in love with Grandma’s sunglasses!
Swim gear ready, Jonah (and his little toes) set out to explore the beach.
Jonah’s aunt carried him for a bit, making sure he could get a good look at the waves.
What a great auntie!
Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses! Jonah can’t get enough!
What a fun morning. It was time for Jonah to head back home and change into some dry clothes.
It was a blast getting to meet you, Jonah, and see your family again. I hope the rest of your summer is just as fun as our morning at the beach! Come back and visit again soon!