The day began at Kaitlin’s grandmother’s home, where the wedding dress was hung and ready to go. Kaitlin was joined by her grandmother as she made all the finishing touches with hair, makeup and jewelry. It was a joy to see the two share this special time!
Kaitlin and Jon were both ready for their first look at each other- and a certain special someone wanted a look, as well! Kyna got some love from her human…
…and then her humans gave some love to each other. You can see by his face that Jon was blown away by how gorgeous his bride was!
Then the whole family settled in for a round of pictures. Kyna got plenty of love (and a few treats) before her humans set out to get married.
Jon took Kyna home and I left with the bride, heading over to Lincoln Park for some pre-ceremony portraits. We jumped in a cab together and wasted no time getting down to business once we arrived at the park.
One of our first locations was a small garden in Lincoln Park- a favorite of Jon’s mother, who has passed away. It was a beautiful spot for kicking off the portrait session.
Kaitlin brought some flowers for Jon to leave in remembrance of his mother.
A close friend of the family joined Jon and Kaitlin while they honored their memories of his mother.
Not far away was A New Leaf, where the wedding and reception were held. Their friends and family had already begun to gather, greeting the couple with hugs and kisses as they arrived.
The family gathered in the scenic courtyard for group portraits. I love taking pictures at A New Leaf… there are so many unique and wonderful corners for composing a shot.
Her grandmother showed up ready to pose!
The ceremony site was all set up and ready to go. Everything was perfect as the guests began to file in and take their seats. Soon after, the wedding party made their entrance, followed by the bride, who was escorted by her father. The ceremony was wonderful, and some of my favorite moments follow:
The ceremony was presided over by a friend of the couple.
With vows and rings exchanged, Kaitlin and Jon were married! The guests let loose with cheers and applause and as the newlyweds made their exit.
The guests made their way to the courtyard for cocktails…
…while Jon and Kaitlin enjoyed a private toast together.
The courtyard was filled with friends and family, all enjoying cocktails, appetizers and each other’s company.
This rowdy crew is from the Museum of Contemporary Art, where Kaitlin used to work. I’ve worked with them all in some capacity over the years, and it’s always good to see them!
Things were off to a fantastic start- great food, great drinks, great company… and the evening was just getting started. I was having a fantastic time as well, making my way through the crowd and meeting the guests. It was a fun bunch!
As the sun set, the guests moved indoors to continue the celebration. The party kicked off with toasts, and Jon’s good friend was the first up at the microphone.
The newlyweds gave a toast as well, thanking everyone for their love and support.
Then Kaitlin and Jon enjoyed their first dance as a married couple…
…before getting into some serious partying.
There was an intense game of ‘spin the bottle’ going on, in which guests were paired up for a dance-off!
And the partygoers brought their best moves to the competition, too!
Everyone was having a blast, as you can tell from this collection of dance pictures:
As the party continued in full swing inside, Kaitlin, Jon and I snuck outside for an evening portrait. It was a fantastic way to end the day for me.
It was an absolute joy sharing your wedding day, Kaitlin and Jon! Congratulations to you both!