It was Kaitlin’s first birthday!
Her mom and dad asked me to tag along to document this most important milestone in Kaitlin’s young life!
All these animals made Kaitlin miss her two favorite animals of all time…
her pups back home! We headed back to Kaitlin’s house to say hello to her friends.
She posed for a quick portrait with her parents…
…and then mom set up a shot in the grass.
You know what comes with a birthday, right?!?!
Kaitlin was loving her first taste of cake.
I think she’s a fan… and you’ve got a lot more birthday cakes to look forward to, Kaitlin!
Her pups were watching from inside the house…
…and her parents are teaching her that it’s rude to not share.
The pups were more than happy to celebrate Kaitlin’s birthday, too.
The dogs did the best clean-up job they could for Kaitlin…
…but mom and dad still had to step in.
The plate was left spotless, though!
It was great to meet you and your family, Kaitlin! Happy first birthday!