It was Kara and Earle’s wedding day, and I was in their hometown of Oak Park, beginning the day with the bride. This is the view from the front door of the church as Kara and her enter bridesmaids made their approach.
Kara’s mom was there, too, attending to her daughter as preparations were made.
There were plenty of helping hands, too!
Kara looked gorgeous, and couldn’t have been more ready to walk the aisle.
Meanwhile, Earle was with his groomsmen as they were getting dressed at Earle’s house.
Tux, check. Bow tie, check. Shades, check. Earle was ready to roll.
Kara and Earle were married at Grace Episcopal Church, the church Earle’s family has attended for years.
Kara’s father escorted her down the aisle…
…and removed her veil before she took her place next to Earle.
He was one proud groom!
This memorial, dedicated to Earle’s father, is located in the church’s sanctuary.
The church was filled with friends and family, offering their love and support.
One of Kara and Earle’s friends delivered a reading in honor of the couple.
I was taken back by just how beautiful the church’s sanctuary was. It made for wonderful pictures of the ceremony!
I was also in love with the wreaths that the flower girls wore in their hair. I need to see this at more weddings, please!
Kara got really excited as she and Earle exchanged vows…
…and after rings were traded, they were declared husband and wife.
Congratulations! The newlyweds stepped out of the church and into the beautiful summer afternoon.
Following close behind were Kara’s father and sister, leading the pack toward the group picture area.
After a round of portraits, it was time to head to the Art Institute, where the reception was being held. And the best way to get from Oak Park to the Loop?
The CTA, of course! We had a whole train car to ourselves!
It was the perfect opportunity to take candid pictures, too.
Balancing a bottle of water on your head is ten times as impressive when you’re doing it on a shaky CTA train!
We exited the train stop…
…and began to walk toward the Art Institute.
This was Lollapalooza weekend, and I was surprised that there wasn’t more foot traffic on the sidewalks. Good stuff!
Our first stop was the garden on the Art Institute grounds- a perfect backdrop for group portraits.
The wedding party headed off on their own after the group shots…
…and Kara, Earle and I set off on our own photo session.
It was a short drive to the Board of Trade, a must-stop for any Chicago wedding.
I think I was just as excited as the couple… shooting inside the Art Institute is a rare treat!
Kara and Earle had an awesome reggae band, Roots Rock Society, perform for their first dance as husband and wife.
And boy, was it was a scenic place for a first dance!
The guests were enjoying cocktail hour, which was complete with drinks, appetizers, conversation, and, of course…
Earle and Kara worked the room, greeting their guests…
…and trying their best to avoid any mayhem.
As much fun as cocktail hour was, it couldn’t last forever. MCA caterers Bon Appetit had a fantastic meal waiting for everyone to enjoy.
After dinner, Kara’s dad picked up the microphone to thank everyone for sharing the day with his family.
Two of Kara’s bridesmaids delivered toasts in honor of the newlyweds.
And Earle’s Best Man wrapped up the speeches with loving words of advice.
Not long after dinner, the sun set completely and the Chicago skyline lit up.
I had to grab Kara and Earle to take advantage of the scene.
We spent several minutes gazing at our fine city…
…and then hopped back inside to get to partying!
Music In Motion had the guests packed on the dance floor…
…and Kara and Earle couldn’t wait to cut a rug with them.
Roots Rock Society was still there, too, and were encouraging audience participation!
Earle knows how to shake it!
This partygoer couldn’t wait to show off some of his best moves.
Awwww! What a big smooch!
I think it’s safe to say that this party went into full rage mode.
The guests danced and enjoyed themselves well into the night…
…and Earle and Kara were right there with them!
Congratulations on your marriage, Kara and Earle! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!