My second wedding this weekend was non-stop rain! Wow. Luckily, Kari and Matt just went with the flow. We ended up getting some great shots and we got to sneak into Union Station for some fast shooting.

When I arrived, Kari had the rings ready for some details shots. Matt owns a guitar repair shop and so I used a bass string for the rings. The rings and the rain!

A quick touch up before the big reveal.
The first meeting.
Picture time!
LOVED this location!!!
Mud on the dress is never a good thing. SORRY Kari. No worries…Matt took care of the problem.
And then we kept shooting!
Union Station! This was my first time shooting there and it was very cool.
When we arrived at Pazzos there was some pre-ceremony boozing going on!
And the ceremony begins with Matt spotting Kari.
Dawn got this great shot of Kari walking down the aisle!!!
And they did it!
All smiles for the reception! This kid was too much. I loved his smile!!!
The first dance.
Kari and her father.
Matt and his mother.
Some reception fun!
Matt and his sisters.
And then the rain let up for some night shots. People….you MUST do night shots if you can!!!
They pretty much were ROCKING it out!!!!! Thanks for a great end to a crazy weekend!